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You still love your partner, but your relationship is lacking the magnetic attraction it once had

Discover passion, energy and intimacy through the law of polarity

Over time, you’ve found that that passion has fizzled. One thing is certain: Love is not enough. You need both love and passion for your relationship to work.

The law of polarity in relationships

Relationship polarity is the ultimate key to passion . In any successful relationship that has an intimate connection and sexual attraction, there is polarity. What does this mean exactly?

Polarity in relationships is the spark that occurs between two opposing energies: masculine and feminine. Gender does not affect whether you have masculine or feminine energy. Couples can be the same or opposite sex, but in order for the pairing to work, one partner has to provide the masculine polarity while the other brings the feminine polarity .

Many problems in relationships can be traced back to depolarization, which is when one or both partners feels the need to develop the traits of the opposite energy. When a relationship depolarizes, you don’t feel the connection you used to, either because both of you have developed the same type of energy or because you are not embracing your true selves.

What is masculine polarity?

The energy that drives masculine polarity is focused and directive. Masculine energies are most fulfilled when they have a purpose and are working toward a goal. They have a strong physical presence and are centered and unwavering. They are good decision-makers and love a challenge, and while they can seem unemotional, they want to be appreciated for their skills and contributions.

Masculine polarity can become depolarized when they are required to take on the role of caretaker in the relationship or if their partner questions their direction (whether because they are lost while driving or are flailing with direction in life). Someone with masculine energy won’t feel a sexual tie to their partner if they feel overly criticized, controlled or that their partner is closed off to them.

What is feminine polarity?

Feminine polarity seeks emotional fulfillment and connection . This energy is open and full of energy, oftentimes nurturing, other times more free-spirited. It is all about emotion for the feminine partner – giving and receiving love, making connections and appreciating the beauty of life.

For a person with feminine polarity , if they feel unseen, feel unsafe or feel that they’re not understood, then there will be no sexual attraction for their masculine partner. Similarly, if a feminine person is criticized for looking run down or worn out, this makes them feel less radiant and unloved, and they will start to shut down. As David Deida says, “Never tell a man with a masculine sexual essence that he is wrong, and never tell a woman with a feminine sexual essence that she is ugly.”

When your relationship polarity becomes too similar, passion dies. Now what do you have? In place of what was once a sexy, fun, amazing relationship is now a friendship.

How to increase relationship polarity

Remember, you have the power to give your partner what they need in the relationship . You have the power to create relationship polarity .

Embrace your polarity

Have you ever held two magnets together? You know that similar energies repel each other, but opposites attract. The same is true of masculine and feminine polarity . Two people with similar energies can love each other, but they can never have passion. And single people who haven’t embraced their true core energy won’t attract a partner that is right for them. They need to identify their core energy and learn how to notice the energy of potential partners. When you know what you’re looking for in a relationship, it’s easier to find someone with compatible polarity and develop passion.

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