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triple screen trading system

Similarly, oscillators perform well for range markets, but they have problems when they move into a trend. I upgraded the OpenAI model to GPT-3.5-turbo, simplified the time interval using 1h timeframe, and defined trading rules for the triple screen trading system. Then, with the help of ChatGPT 4, I wrote the pseudo code for the strategy, which was use as prompt and subsequently tested using the AI strategy builder. As a trading enthusiast, I recently experimented with the AI strategy builder tool to create and test a triple screen trading system. I wanted to share my experience and results with the LinkedIn community, highlighting the importance of continuous testing, optimization, and adaptability in trading strategy development. For example, if the long-term trend is the 4h time frame, the medium-term trend should be the 1h time frame while the short-term trend should be the 15 minutes TF.

triple screen trading system

The entire audiobook is available here and takes about three hours to finish. Below, we will break down the most important things to know about Dr. Alexander Elder’s important work. On the other hand, if we are looking for a selling entry point, we will use a trailing sell stop one point below the previous day’s low.

When losses kick in, they tend to think that the reason for that is the unlucky indicator. Using a factor of 4 will require us to downgrade our charts to the 8-hours time frame. The way to go about it is to first select your larger time frame (first screen) and then downgrade the charts lower by a factor of 4, 5, or 6. When the trend on the third screen aligns with the trend of the first screen that’s the optimal trade entry. To time your trades, Alexander Elder uses a trailing stop in order to seize small breakout in the direction of the main trend. The entry signal is more accurate when there is a divergence between Bulls Power or Bears Power with the price movement.

Stop Loss

Some individuals get the terms Triple Screen, and Three Screen mixed up. This is because the system uses three tests using trend and momentum indicators on every trade. As a result, Dr. Elder created a trading method that combines the best trend and momentum indicators with the removal of basic averaging concerns. There isn’t a single signal that can be called “perfect.” He went on to say that an indicator couldn’t operate in all timeframes and conditions. The use of a single indicator, according to Dr. Elder, is incorrect. He proposed the idea that a single indicator would be unable to cope with the financial markets’ complexity.

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Second screen

Conversely, the bearish divergence happens when the Bulls Power forms the lower lows but the price’s lows move higher instead.

triple screen trading system

Dr. Elder also recommends the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and William %R. Keep reading as we explain everything you should know about the Elder, what it is, how to set up, how to trade it, etc. The Triple Screen trading system was developed by Dr. Alexander Elder, a psychiatrist, and professor at Columbia University, born in Leningrad, today Saint Petersburg. The results from the Bull Market Test showed significant profitability for BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT, while other symbols showed insignificant returns.

When to buy using the Alexander Elder Trading Strategy

However, with the increasing amount of traders in the world today, the market has become more complicated. Nowadays, many traders are also following the middle and short-term using different time frames. The strategy to open and close the trades is based on the smallest time frame.

  • Williams%R was published in 1973 and is included as an oscillator because of its signal value that fluctuates between a range of 0 to -100.
  • Finally, the third screen involves analyzing the lower timeframe to choose a precise entry point.
  • Finally, keep in mind that the markets evolve every day, and situations and the environment can change any second.
  • A triple screen trading strategy or the three-screen system is developed by Dr. Alexander Elder, a trader who is also known as a psychiatrist.

On the same note, oscillators work when the market is range-bound, and tend to give false signals when the market is trading. The Alexander Elder trading strategy is also known as the Triple Screen trading system combines oscillators with trend-following tools in order to refine the performance of both. This is a practical guide to the Alexander Elder trading system that will teach you how to trade for a living.

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The Alexander Elder trading strategy also known as the Triple Screen trading system was revealed to the general public in the Trading for a Living Alexander Elder book. Let’s get started with an introduction to the Alexander Elder trading strategy. Venturing into forex trading is one of the best experiences where I can keep learning and sharing my knowledge in contents that are easy to comprehend for beginners.

Trend indicators would no longer generate contradictory indications in this manner. The Impulse System by Alexander Elder is a powerful momentum trading strategy that can be traded on its own or as a tool to determine the market bias. In conclusion, the Triple Screen Trading Strategy is a versatile and effective approach to trading that can help traders make better decisions by providing a comprehensive view of the market.

Moving the Stop Loss

To address this problem, Dr. Alexander Elder developed the Triple Screen Trading Strategy, which subjects every potential trade to three tests or screens. This strategy combines both trend-following indicators and oscillators to filter out contradictory trading signals, allowing traders to make more informed decisions. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the Triple Screen Trading Strategy and how it can be applied to improve trading outcomes. While the majority of indicators reflect specific time frames, the benefit of a triple screen trading system is that it allows its users to make decisions using multiple timeframes. For instance, you can pick your favourite timeframe (call it Intermediate for reference). You then go to the chart with one order of magnitude higher and make a strategic decision on the longer term chart.

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This seventy-minute webinar comprehensively focuses on helping the viewer understand all the multiple aspects of a portfolio strategy that targets investing through live trading. The presentation covers how investors have made money through the triple screen trading system and why it is safe to invest in the market as the stock markets move towards recovery and growth. And, for this purpose, the 200-day moving average, which is the standard measurement of bullish and bearish trends, will be our trend filter. Alexander Elder’s “The New Trading for a Living Book” emphasized that the Triple Screen system can’t be used to provide concise buy and sell signals. Alexander Elder trading strategy works as a methodology of verification of the trend from a one-time frame to the next. The exit level can be set manually when the trend in the long term time frame (weekly) has moved in the opposite direction.

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In that case, you can pay attention to pullbacks that do not overlap with the EMA. Beginners on Forex often ask about more than known Triple Screen Strategy by Alexander Elder, which is mentioned in the book “How to play and win at the stock exchange“. At the request of the readers, a video lesson has been recorded where this trading system was dismantled and considered in its most classic version.

  • While the majority of indicators reflect specific time frames, the benefit of a triple screen trading system is that it allows its users to make decisions using multiple timeframes.
  • Let us use a triple screen in Forex trading with the EUR/USD currency pair as an example.
  • Traders who carry their trades for several days or weeks will use daily charts as their intermediate time frames.
  • The application of the Triple Screen Strategy can serve as a very good filtering in combination with the methods of Price Action trading.

So if you want to decide in a weekly time frame (in this case 4.5-week time frame), you must monitor the monthly time frame. If you use a 10-minute time frame, you must also consider the hourly time frame. Conversely, for the downtrend market, a sell signal from the trend indicator can happen at the same time with an oversold condition signaled by an oscillator. This kind of conflict does happen and often leads to misinterpretations in the decision-making process of opening a trade. However, the oscillator indicator shows that the price is overbought so a sell entry should be in order.

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