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JavaScript is an integral part of the internet and powers over 96% of websites. JavaScript is not only used for web development, but also regular programming too. JavaScript offers many of the same advantages python has, such as rapid prototyping and iteration. JavaScript is a versatile scripting language that can be used for tasks ranging from front-end web development to server-side programming. In the past, JavaScript was primarily used for client-side scripting; meaning code was executed on the user’s computer while they were viewing a web page. However, JS can also be used for server-side programming, game development, and much more. I have over 14 years of experience as a professional software developer.

  • Imagine a simple image upload website, that identifies objects in a photo.
  • As such, we can use toggle to add a class if it is there, and remove it if it is not.
  • Age is a variable – a sort of container to hold a value.
  • By way of Javascript examples, you can see a widget of famous writing quotes, chat to a virtual me, or play a game of Hangman or play one of several other Javascript games I’ve made.
  • The course provider may choose to make this question, along with your name visible on this page.

Emotionally intelligent python, ai and it tutor with two phds. Visit the HTML Doctor website for in-depth tutorials on the HTML and CSS disciplines as well as a comprehensive reference section. It has no dependencies as follows the MVVM pattern which stands … Set up your Raspberry Pi, then learn how to use the Linux command line, Scratch, Python, Sonic Pi, Minecraft and electronics projects with it.

What is JavaScript?

We shall see just how useful they are in a future instalment of this series, when we come to add user interaction to our app. No doubt computer programming is going to be the most important skill of the 21st century. When children learn to code in JavaScript, they also learn important strategies for solving problems, designing projects, and communicating ideas. Once students move on to higher levels we begin to introduce new sets of fun tasks and problems to solve through mini projects. All the global objects, constructors, properties, variables and pre-defined functions, as well as statements and operators available in JavaScript. This comprehensive reference section gives usage for each entity along with methods and properties where applicable.

Following on from this we take an in-depth look at ajax starting with the jQuery low-level interface and ajax shorthand methods. We then examine Ajax Helper Functions before concluding our ajax studies and the lessons for this side of the site with a look at ajax global event handlers. We start the intermediate section by looking at arrays and the Array object and some of the methods.


I would like to keep on passing the knowledge acquired to y… I grew up with early computers such as the ZX Spectrum, and was writing simple programs from the age of five. Thirty years on, I now have 13 years experience working as a programmer in the videogame industry.

JavaScript Lessons

The reference section can either be perused by looking through the alphabetical list or by clicking on one of the tabs on the reference page. The tabs cover every part of the jQuery library split into logical modules for easy retrieval of relevant information. Electron allows you to build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Tutorials and guides for the Raspberry Pi, a budget computer perfect for learning to program.


Every session ive had has also gone over the time paid for and richard has never made that an issue. We start the advanced section by looking at Events, which are used to bring our pages to life. JQuery cuts through the browsers differences and makes event usage simple and elegant as we will see when we investigate loading, browser, keyboard, mouse and form events. We continue our investigation of events by looking at the Event Handler Attachments available. We then look at three powerful objects that jQuery provides for us, the Events object, the Callbacks object and the Deferred object.

We then take a look at DOM manipulation and how to do inner, outer and DOM Insertion, Around as well as modify and replace DOM elements. Creating visually stunning effects in jQuery is a breeze as we find out when we explore the jQuery methods and properties available to fade, slide and control effects.

As such, we can use toggle to add a class if it is there, and remove it if it is not. A major difference between Node.JS and vanilla Javascript is the fact that we use the on() function, rather than onmessage.

  • We start the advanced section by looking at Events, which are used to bring our pages to life.
  • If a user wants to find the volume of a cylinder, the following function can be used.
  • Each time we modify our code the contents of this folder will be automatically updated.
  • The framework also helps students to understand what qualifications they need to progress towards a higher learning goal, such as a university degree or equivalent higher education award.
  • In this section of the website we utilise what we have learnt from the JavaScript and jQuery tutorials to create a case study.

Although web workers have all these limitations, we can still outsource intensive tasks to web workers, and when they send a response, we can add new items to Programming C# 6 Lessons the DOM in the main thread Javascript. Normally on the web, when we want to refer to the global object, we refer to window, self, or more recently globalThis.

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Since Javascript is one threaded, the website will pause until that processing is complete. While some children may be a little camera shy, this is a good opportunity to overcome it. The visual contact allows our tutors to read nonverbal cues and act on them before the child becomes distressed. Yes – you can join at any time as the lessons are tailored specifically to your child’s needs. Easy to use – JavaScript offers the power of strongly typed languages with the simplicity of Python.

  • An endorsed course is a skills based course which has been checked over and approved by an independent awarding body.
  • In this series of tutorials we will be building a React application from scratch.
  • After the trial you can continue the course on a weekly basis for £100 per week.
  • They are read-only, and cannot be modified from within the component which receives them.

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